Your Personal Pet Resort!


Dogs     1st Pet         2nd Pet (if staying together)

Standard             $28                                   $21

Deluxe                 $33                                    $21

Mini Suite           $33                                    $21 

(30 lbs max )

Large Suite        $38                                     $21 

(200lbs max)

Cats     1st Pet           2nd Pet 

Standard          $20                                       $20

Mini Suite        $33                                       $14

(3 cat max) 

*There is a $1.00 fee per each administration of medications.

*All prices listed are per pet and per night. All boarding includes outside playtime,generally 1-2 hours

  throughout the day.   

*A $12 half-day fee applies to all pets picked up after 12.00 noon unless they are receiving full grooming services on day of pick-up.

* We DO NOT board UN-NEUTERED males.

Prices effective 3/1/2019

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