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Covid -19 – MyPawPleasers.com

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Covid -19

4/15/2021  An Updated Message to Our Clients Regarding COVID-19


Because we provide services to clients that will be or have been traveling we feel that we need to implement new policies in an effort to protect our family and yours while continuing to be there to support your pets’ needs. We have updated how we are handling pet drop off and pickups. We are moving to a ‘socially distant system”   All pets will be picked up and dropped off  outside in our secure exercise run located just inside the WHITE gate past the reception door.

Nobody here at Paw Pleasers is sick, we have not had any reports of any clients being sick. But, you as the Pet Parents and we as the Pet Boarding Facility must take precautions to limit the risk of exposure.

Based on research, pets cannot contract COVID-19 and are not a carrier of it.


Drop Off

Once you arrive at your appointment time, drive around to the parking area in the back.  If there is no other car present, then please come on through the white gate where we will greet you.  You will put your pet in the secure exercise run, remove their collar and leash and take home. Please place all belongings with a filled out check in form on the shelf.  PLEASE minimize the luggage you leave, staying within our usual allowance of 1 bedding item (must fit in bin), 2 toys, food and medications. We will be present and will go over feeding and medication instructions.  Once you leave we move you pet to their accommodations.  The process for cat drop-off is the same as for dogs.  All cats should be transported in suitable carrier.


Pick up

Your pet will be placed in our secure exercise run at your appointment time and from here you can put their collar and leash on them to go home.  We will also place all luggage on the shelf to your right for you to pick up.  Please complete payment with us and sign your pet out to go home.  The process for cat pick-up is the same as for dogs.  All cats should be transported in suitable carrier.



We no longer accept credit cards or checks.  Only cash payments.  Full payment is expected at time of pick up and we can make change.

This invoice will be for the total cost of your pets stay plus any extras (meds, baths, etc) that you may have added. 

The invoice is sent to the email used when making the original booking, so please monitor that email address.

We inlcude the scheduled pick up time as a reminder. 


We understand that this is an uncertain time and we are trying our best to continue to provide the best possible service to our pet parents.

We have implemented additional precautions at this time to lower the risk for our staff and you:

  • At this time we will be converting to an appointment based schedule. All drop offs and pickups will be by appointment during our regular hours.
  • Please come into the fenced area one at a time, a vehicle parked in front of the bushes means someone else is already here.
  • We understand that New Clients would like to tour our facility before their pet is staying with us, at this time we cannot offer such tours.

Your pet care needs may change in the coming weeks/months because you will be working from home, may reconsider attending events or change your travel plans. Please remember to keep us posted when you change any travel plans, and we will be flexible regarding the situation. We want everyone to be safe, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to accommodate your service needs during this time.


We continue to work hard so that your pet has a great time with us and which includes taking measures to help ensure that our customers and the staff of Paw Pleasers stay healthy. We will closely monitor the developments and the recommendations of the CDC and may take additional measures.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know via email to pawpleaserspetresort@gmail.com .

We are sure that the situation regarding COVID-19 will become better, but it might take a bit of time.

Best wishes from the Team at Paw Pleasers Pet Resort

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